Sunday, June 23, 2019

Happy Birthday - Paul Goddard!

Today is (or would be) the birthday for Paul Goddard, bass player for The Atlanta Rhythm Section.  A founding member of the band, Goddard played on everything from their first album  (1972), through 1981, Goddard played bass on 11 studio albums and the Live "Are You Ready?".   This includes their heyday, with 7 Top Forty hits, 2 Gold albums and one Platinum record. Probably best known for Top 10 hits So Into You and Imaginary Lover, but my favorite album of theirs is 1975's Dog Days.

Paul Goddard is one of my favorite bass players, one of the first bass players that really caught my ear back in the late 70's when I was trying to teach myself the instrument.  I saw ARS a few times back in the day, but always as a support act.  They were almost always quite good (there was one time where the singer had an issue, but that story is for another time).  Goddard's solo on the live version of "Another Man's Woman" was once voted one of the 5 best bass solos in rock, and is worth a listen..

Born June 23, 1945, Goddard would have been 74, except he died in 2014.  Think I'll listen to some ARS today to celebrate Paul Goddard's playing!

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