Friday, October 14, 2005

Hey, Mother Earth Won't You Bring Me Back Down, Safely To The Sea?

On this day (10/14) back in 1972. Harry Nilsson had a Top 40 debut with "Spaceman". This was Nilsson's 4th Top 40 of 1972, coming on the heels of the trio from "Nilsson Schmilsson" (Without You, Jump Into the Fire and Coconut)... Not a bad year!

Ah, remember back in the early 70's, when the space program was moving away from moon walks (Apollo 17 would be the last lunar landing in 12/72), and towards Skylab? Seems like songs about space and alienation were the rage. As Harry sang: "I wanted to be a spaceman, that's what I wanted to be. But now that I am a spaceman, nobody cares about me"

How's this for a topical set list:
.....Rocket Man - Elton John (5/72)
.......Spaceman - Harry Nilsson (10/72)
.........Space Oddity - David Bowie (2/73)

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