Tuesday, July 31, 2007

may the forest be with you.....

Sorry for the lack of posting the past few days. I've bee on a short vacation to Kentucky's Land-Between-The-Lakes. We had the whole family (including both daughters' boyfriends), and some friends... A little sightseeing, boating, tubing, horseback-riding, eating and general relaxation. Photos will follow, once I get a chance to look through them. The post title refers to a T-shirt (and hat) I picked up....

Friday, July 27, 2007

Till The End Of The Day

Sunset over the prairie….. On the grounds of SIUE, over near the atheletic fields. Meanwhile, the lower shot is probably more reflective of life. Taken out my hotel room window in Valparaiso, IN…

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Scenes from the Trail...

Just some random scenes from yesterday afternoon’s bike ride. I usually toss my point-n-shoot in the bike-bag… We only came across one place where the trail was closed, and we knew the area well enough to figure a detour (none was posed, of course)… And I’m always drawn to old and decrepit stuff… There’s usually a few relics along the old rail lines…

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Almost 30...

Almost 30?? No, not my age, that’s how many miles I rode my bike today, Almost 30 miles. I started the day doing about 18 miles with a friend. Later on, I went out again with my wife and son, and we did another 10 or 11 miles. It’s probably been over 30 years since I’ve ridden almost 30 miles on a bike. So now I’m officially tired, but in a good way!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Culver's Racing

We went to Culver’s for lunch today, and found the #56 Culver’s Chevy there!! And this was no “show-car”, it’s the real deal, with the real driver signing autographs. They’re in town for this weekend’s Gateway 250, just a few miles down the road. My son was most impressed, and announced he’ll be rooting for Culvers. We won’t be going to the race, but it will be on TV. I just hope this guy qualifies, it's only his second race with the team!!


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Deadwood along the Mississippi

A pair of images long the Mississippi River, just above the Clark Bridge in Alton.
A mediocre composition overall, But I like it. It is also an interesting contrast to the repeat from 7/18/2005 (Linville River - scroll down). Both B&W images of rivers, but are as different as the rivers themselves. One key?? Shutter speed. Both of these images (above) were shot at 1/250th sec, freezing the water. Linville River was shot at 1/40th sec, to provide a smoother feel…

15 Quotations From Chairman Townshend (Pt. 4)

#7: I realized that the only way I was ever going to fit into society and have a role was via the guitar.
#8: Let's face it, you can't worship a guy for destroying an instrument in the name of rock.

#9: I think that without having the stage and the guitar - the weapon of the guitar - I don't think I would have gone on.

#10: I smash guitars because I like them

Pete Townshend, in case you didn't know.....
Courtesy of “
The Book of Rock Lists” by Marsh & Stein ©1981 edition

Summer Repeats

A repeat from last year, 7/18/2006. Linville River, along the Blue Ridge Parkway, in Western NC. Wonderful spot…

Friday, July 13, 2007

15 Quotations From Chairman Townshend (Pt. 3)

#5 Pop has become solemn, irrelevant and boring. What it needs now is more noise, more size, more sex, more violence, more gimmickry, more vulgarity. Above all, it desperately needs a new messiah who will take things right back to the glamour, power and insanity of the Elvis Presley age.

#6 I wrote the lines of 'My Generation'without thinking, hurrying them - scribbling on a piece of paper in the back of a car. For years I've had to live by them, waiting for the day when someone says 'I thought you said you hopped you'd die when you got old. Well now you're old. What now?' Of course, most people are too polite to say that sort of thing to a dying pop star. I say it often to myself....

Pete Townshend, in case you didn't know.....
Courtesy of “
The Book of Rock Lists” by Marsh & Stein ©1981 edition

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Rust Never Sleeps

This is the old Chemetco plant, in Hartford, IL, not far from the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. This Copper Smelter has been closed since 2001, and sealed by the EPA. So it sits along The Great River Road and rots. Right across the road from the Lewis & Clark State Historic Site….

15 Quotations From Chairman Townshend (part 2)

#3 I think the thing really is that's there's a certain honor attached to it because of the fact that rock has said: 'We will do it right. You've done it all wrong. We will do it right. We will show you that not only can we write a song like 'My Generation' where we write off the Establishment, where we write off the politicians, where we write off the group, but we write off the whole lot of you. We will get it right!'

#4 I am not a leader. Neither yours nor anyone else's. I am a rock musician, a mirror.You see yourself whenyou see The Who

Pete Townshend, in case you didn't know.....
Courtesy of “
The Book of Rock Lists” by Marsh & Stein ©1981 edition

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Slightly Arching

An oldie from the vaults, published here 7/11/2005:

Late in the afternoon, a bridge on the bike trail……. This is the kind of photo I really like, even if it’s rather…how shall we say it,….. “dull”?

15 Quotations From Chairman Townshend (part 1)

#1 People say ‘you’ve gotta go on man, otherwise all those kids, they’ll be finished, They’ll have nothing to live for.’ That’s rock and roll!

#2 Rock and Roll is all that counts. I'll tell you, in 10 years you'll know. 'Cause 10 years are past and we know.

Pete Townshend, in case you didn't know.....
Courtesy of “
The Book of Rock Lists” by Marsh & Stein ©1981 edition

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

This one is from a few years ago, July 2004. Taken on the Glen Carbon Heritage Bike Trail, not too far from my home. We don’t ride this trail too often, since it is a oil/chip construction, which is a bit sloshy for my narrow tires.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, not so many years ago, there were dozens of viable airline companies in the USA. But after airline deregulation in the late 70’s a long slow wave of mergers and acquisitions led to our current state of a few, generally-struggling behemoths. Meanwhile, Piedmont was one of the first airlines I remember, a primary server to Charleston, WV, where I spent the first decade of my life. This DC-3 (a bit before my time, though I did ride a really old one in the late 60’s) was at the air show this weekend. What airlines do you remember/miss?? Ozark and Allegheny? Or even biggies like PanAm, Eastern, and TWA… Oh well, I got a kick out of seeing the Piedmont colors again….


Sunday, July 08, 2007


This weekend was the Air Show at Scott Air Force Base, just about 15 miles south of us. A great way to spend an afternoon with my son, seeing the planes, old and new, parked and flying. It's very laid back and casula, you can walk right up to (and into) the planes, and chat with the pilots and crews. I think my son's high-point was high-fiving one of the paratroopers as they headed in from the landing zone.... It’s the first time we’ve made in several years. It was hot hot hot, but worth every minute. Here’s just a few snapshots, to give you a taste.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Lost Opportunity

About a year ago, we took my son to a birthday party in nearby Granite City, IL. On the way, we passed an abondoned Archer Daniels Midland plant, fenced off and decaying among the rising neighborhoods. I thought, "What a great plcae to photograph!"... And several time since then I've thought that I need to make some time and go explore that ruin.

But last night, in chatting with some friends at the Granite City fireworks display, I found out that plant has been leveled. Ya snooze, ya lose, I suppose. I'll have to console myself with other images, from a different old factory:

Independence Day

An old attempt at firewrks photography. From a few years ago (2005), with my point-n-shoot Kodak. And collection of "American" themed songs, just what's in my own catalog. Feel free to add your own suggestions!!

America – Simon & Garfunkel
American Dream – Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
American Girl – Tom Petty & Heartbreakers
American Pie – Don McLean
American Tune – Paul Simon
Friday Night In America – New Grass Revival
American Woman – Guess Who
Gone To America – Steelye Span
Little America – REM
Miss America – Styx
America – John Fahey
Song for America – Kansas
We’re An American Band – Grand Funk Railroad
Young Americans – David Bowie
Livin In The USA – Steve Miller
Back In The USA – Linda Ronstadt
I’m So Bored With The USA – The Clash
Surfin USA – Beach Boys

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Captain And Me

One of the great albums of the 70’s, the Doobie Brothers’ 1973 classic: The Captain & Me. Best known for the iconic Long Train Runnin’ and China Grove, this album is solid from top to bottom. But my favorites (predictably) were the less known songs, Dark Eyed Cajun Woman, Ukiah, and Clear As the Driven Snow.... The Doobies were probably my favorite band in the early part of the mid-70’s, and I still love all of the pre-Michael MacDonald stuff. I saw them at Pittsburgh's Civic Arena back in the fall of '76... The critics, predictably, were never very impressed with them.

Rip It To Shreds

I was pulling down a couple of remaining branches from last winter's ice storm, and when I tossed this one to the ground, the pups went wild. They really dug it!