Sunday, July 28, 2013

Travellin' Light

Just home from a week on the road, the 2013 Rust Belt Tour!  Just under 1,800 miles in 8 days.  Besides seeing some of my wife's family (Cleveland), and mine (Pittsburgh) we saw:
A great trip, but nice to be home.  I'll probably be posting more images friom the trip over the next few days, I have a bunch to sort through, hopefully some are decent.
The title is from a J.J. Cale song...

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

You Gotta Move!

It is Vacation Bible School week at our Church.  For the past few years, the praise band has participated, which is always fun.  We're not doing any of the "official" songs this year, but are doing fun / silly songs during the rotations.  It's been a fun change of pace, although I may get tired of the ever popular "The Hippo Song" before the week's out!
Unfortunately, we're without a guitar player this week, but the kids don't seem to mind....
A couple of photos from Monday night:

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Stickers On Instruments

So, I was reading the Talkbass forums yesterday,a nd came across a thread titled "Stickers on Instruments."  Only a mederately interesting thread, but got me thinking.  Non of my current basses have stickers, and I don't see myself ever adding any.  But my first bass had a sticker on it:
Pretty subtle, and I think it fits in the overall scheme of a beat-up, no-brand bass.  I don't rememebr putting it on there, but I alsodon't remember painting the pickguard...  Heck that was ~35 years ago.
Anyway, having dug up the pictures to remind myself, I figured I'd post 'em here.
Yee ha!
I'm sure I've posted about this bass before.  This is my first bass, besides a loaner from my brother.  Bought from a pawn shop in Pittsburgh (but new).  After about 1.5 years I upgraded, and gave (sold?) this one to a friend.  A few years ago, he gave it back.  It is pretty much unplayable, but is a great reminder of those "Glory Days".

Monday, July 08, 2013

Airplane Park

Technically, it is Robert Stille Park.  Or at least Edwardsville Township Park.  But everybody knows it as Airplane Park.  'Cause, it has an airplane!  (duh)... 
Plaque on the base:
For those who served their country in operation Desert Storm and to all past and future campaigns of our nation’s military personnel
Dedicated June 30, 1991
- - -
And more info from the base:LTV A-7A CORSAIR II On May 17, 1963 the U.S. Navy initiated a design competition for a light attack aircraft (VAL) which could replace the Douglas A-4 Skyhawk. Ling-Temco-Vought was named winner of the competition on February 11, 1964. A key factor in this company’s successful bid was the use of the F-8 Crusader design with many significant differences, the most telling being the shortened fuselage, less sweptback wings and no provision for varying the wing incidence. Over the production life of the aircraft, it has been internally modified and assigned dash numbers to reflect these changes. The A-7 was used extensively in the Viet Nam Conflict and, toward the end of the war, provided the bulk of the Navy’s light attack effort flown from carriers. The A-7 completed its service with the Navy on Operation “Desert Storm”. This aircraft is on loan from the National Museum of Naval Aviation at Pensacola, Florida

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Summer Sunset

Another from yesterday's trip to Watershed Nature Center.  Taken 6-7 minutes after the Heron photo posted earlier today. 

For The Birds...

I came across the fellow during yesterday evening's walk at Watershed Nature Center.  I'm no ornithologist, but I beleive it is a Great Blue Heron.  We stared at each other for 10-15 seconds, then it flew off.  Not a great capture, but neither the most patient subject.  Probably mad that I'd interrupted the search for dinner...

I tried to catch it flying away, but the low light (it was ~8:30 pm) was too much for my camera....  Between the auto-focus searching and 1/30th sec exposure (at ISO 3200):

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Sunset, Watershed Nature Center

I made it up to WNC this evening, my first visit in several months. Pretty dark and "dusky", with storms passing out of the area, but cleared just enough for some prtty colors as the sun was setting.

Thursday, July 04, 2013