Sunday, August 30, 2015


Another walk at Schon Park this evening.  I thought these twigs sticking through the water were kind of interesting.  Especially with the sun shining through he yellowing leaves.  The lake is getting a little murky, green and "sludgy"...  I desaturated the water/ scum a bit to de-emphasize it.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Ducks On The Water

This is a partner shot to yesterday's post, taken just a few moments after.  There's more thana  dozen ducks here, and that does not include the 2 from yesterday.  And a larger version at 365project.
And, in case that's not enough, here's one more.  This was actually the first shot of the three, just before they started hitting the water.
And, again, larger version at 365project.

Long Time Gone

I blink twice, and suddenly it has been 4 weeks since I posted.  Sorry folks, sometimes life works like that.  I have been managing to keep up (or make up) over at the 365project.   I'll try and do better.

Anyway, this is from last Wednesday, over at Schon Park.  I have to admit to being mean.  There were a dozen or more ducks hanging out on the shore as the sun set, and I walked towards them knowing they'd go to the safety of the water and move away.  These two cooperated nicely by cutting Across the reflected clouds....

There's a larger version over at 365project

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Centennial Cone Park, Colorado

I posted several images from this park last week,, here's another.  this was shot w/ my iPhone.  There is a version processed on my iPad that appeared over at 365project.  But after seeing in on a real computer monitor, I decided to redo.  Better?  Worse?

Large version at panoramio.


One from my recent trip to Colorado.  Kayakers in Clear Creek Canyon,  The title matches a Bela Fleck song.