Wednesday, May 28, 2014

At Least I'm Not Bitter... UPDATED

Updated 5/30:  Looking back, this post comes off as a bit petty.  And while I can say I didn't mean it that way, I'm probably lying to myself.  Probably projecting back (30+ years) when I did some shooting for the Duke Chronicle.  When I didn't enjoy every assignment, and certainly "phoned it in" more than once.  That, and a bit of envy over the "real photographer", I suppose.

Meanwhile, the Intellegencer subsequently posted a series of Memorial Day photos that were fine in every respect.


So...  back on 5/18, I posted an image from an early Memorial Day observance.  Quick side story from that event:  When I arrived, I took a few minutes to scout out the area, looking for good angles, and/or photo ops.  As I walked along the outside of the cemetary fence, I passed the photographer from the local newspaper, presumably doing the same thing.  Being a naturally cheerful sort, I said something like "Hi, How're ya doing?"....  He said: Nothing.  At least nothing verbal.  I perceived a bit of a glare, but that may be just a subjective perception.  How Rude!  So, I made a point to check out his photo in the paper, and was unimpressed (perhaps just jealous?)...

Flash forward a week, to to the "real" Memorial Day observance.  Again, I'm there (with my son's scout troop) and so is the local press' photographer.  We didn't cross paths that day.  But, I did make a point to check out the paper yeaterday.  And on the front page, his photo (click here for photo at Edwardsville Intellegencer site)...  Now, I took several similar photos, looking for the "right" composition.  This one was my favorite:
There's a couple more attempts at mpix.  And even one from the 2013 observance.
So now, I can't help thinking that the guy who couldn't be bothered to acknowledge my existance a week earlier, copied my composition.  Only not as well (IMHO).
Or am I crazy?

New Year's Resolution - Update #4

The Heat Is On.........

40% through 2014, and time for another update.  Trying to keep those goals S.M.A.R.T. And in the spirit of accountability, I’ll publish my progress… SO, what did I resolve?

While last decile was far from great, this one was mostly bad.  Nothing like a mid season slump, at least I have plenty of time to rebound.  I have excuses galore, but you know all about excuses...

All of a sudden, we've made it 30% of the way through 2014!

1) More Photography!  UPDATE #4:
Actually, this area's not so bad.  My blog posting (here and at Happenstance) was down from last month slightly from last month, but up almost 2.5 x from 2013.   And more posts at Instagram:   Instagram 
Been using the DSLR more, and that's good.   But clearly slacked off a bit in the last couple of weeks.   All in all?  I'll go B

2) More Walking!  UPDATE #4: 
Terrible.  Bad, bad, bad.  I finished the period barely over 1/4 of the same period last year. Granted the 4th decile was  my most productive last year, but I was still just barely over 1/2 my necessary pace for the year's target.  Even with my excuses, I can't grade above a D. 

3) Weight.  UPDATE #4:
The results as as ugly as last month, or actually a but uglier.  Up a pound or two.  More significantly (and similar to Walking) I got lazy.  No effort yeilds bad results.  This must not stand.  Grade D-.  Only because it could've been worse.

I won't be travelling as much next segment as last, that's 1 less excuse.  But the weather is clearly warming, and the St.Louis humidity is already building....  Still, I'm not ready to fail.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Friday, May 23, 2014

Man's handiwork - no more than the molehills that dot the fields

I've been reading Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Complete Sherlock Holmes", in and among other stuff....  I founf the following at the beginning of "The Adventure Of The Golden Pince Nez", and was quite struck by it:

  "It was a wild, tempestuous night, towards the close of November. ... Outside the wind howled down Baker Street, while the rain beat fiercely against the windows. It was strange there, in the very depths of the town, with ten miles of man's handiwork on every side of us, to feel the iron grip of Nature, and to be conscious that to the huge elemental forces all London was no more than the molehills that dot the fields/"

Great stuff...  I always like things that remind us that all of Man's handiwork are inconsequential to the huge elemental forces.

Or as a later wordsmith put it:

The image is a real oldie, at least 15 years back.  I'm sure it has been posted here several times.  But hey, call it a throwback!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Throw Back Thursday - Stacked Up (1983)

September 9, 1983.  The evening before my wedding...  Having some fun after the rehearsal dinner.

I'm rather certain that this was the first, and last time I have been part of a human pyramid.  Or sort of a human pyramid.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Memorial Day (Early)


In our community, there are several Memorial Day observances the Sunday before Memorial Day (which was today).  We usually make it to at least one, as my son's Boy Scout Troop participates.  This is from today's ceremony at Oak Lawn Cemetery, which is not far from our home.  I was really struck by this soldier supporting one of the older Veterans.

Not a great technical photograph, it was midday on a very bright (and contrasty) day.  But it catches (I hope) the spirit of the moment.

Other Memorial Day photos from last year here and here.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Throw Back Thursday - Early 1981

I've probably posted this one to the blog before.  But, if so, it was a while ago.  So here goes.  This is from my college days, the apartment I lived in for Junior / Senior year.  I'm pretty certain this was summer of '81...  Besides a very young me, and my Guild Jetstar bass, there's some fun stuff in the background. 

No clue why I'm wearing a button down shirt, rather than a polo or tee.  Maybe I was late doing laundry?

You can't really tell, but the shelves behand me are typical college chic:  cinderblock and pine boards.  Note the 9" black-and-white TV (directly behind my head), with the "rabbit-ear" antenna just to the right.  Working down, 2 shelves of record albums (12" Vinyl).  Below those, cassette tapes!

I still have that bass, although it has been disassembled for a long while.  Still have that leather strap, too.  And I still have all the records... 


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Eeny Meenie Miny Moe...

A couple of images from last weekend.  Just an interesting spot I came across during last weekend's trip to Flagstaff, AZ..  There's 2 versions, not sure which I like better:

The first image (above), landscape format, is the first I took. and my first "concept"...  Significantly desaturated, almost black-and-white...  The rocks are (intended to be) the primary focus.  There's also a version of this one on Instagram. Instagram 
The second image (below) was almost an after-thought.  Both when taking the photo, and when processing.  Slightly different angle, portrait orientation.  Much more focused (at least intended to be) on the grass...

Which is better?  Or at least less-bad?  I haven't made up my mind.  But I'd welcome your thoughts!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Just Hangin' Around...

A little slice of life.  Waiting for my daughter's graduation ceremony, I noticed these guys chillin' on one of the camera stands.  It's the kind of thing I notice.  And photograph.  Hmm....

The post title is from the song from Edgar Winter Group's classic album "They Only Come Out At Night".
"And I don't see the world going by, And I don't even have to try.  I'm just hangin' around"

Monday, May 12, 2014

To The Point


Been a little light on posting the post couple of days.  I was in Flagstaff, AZ, for my younger daughter's graduation (Masters!).  Expect a couple of images from that trip soon.  This is from the previous weekend's trip to Eastern Tennessee.  This is from a rest-stop along I-40 (about mile 267).  A very nice rest stop, I recommend it!  This sculpture appears to be a sundial, with "tent cards" mentioning counties in the state.  With a little googling, I found an image of a descriptive plaque.  which wasn't there during this visit ...

This was taken with my iPhone, and then tweaked during yesterday's flight home from AZ (using snapseed). Posted to Instagram from the St.Louis airport while waiting for my luggage.

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Throwback Thursday, Early 1975

An old polaroid of me.  It's labeled "Early '75", which would put me a bit past the 1/2 way point of 14.  Freshman year of High School.  But it may be a year later... late '75.  I seem to recall it being around Christmas...

I've always liked this picture, although it hasn't weathered the years so well.  Makes me look like a happy, well adjusted young man.  LOL.  And you have to love the Peter Tork haircut!

Eastern Tennessee Pano - 360 degrees

Panorama taken during last weekend's trip to Maryville, TN area.  360 Degree version at Sphere 
Fun little app, though I'm still figuring the best ways to use it...

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Yo Down Fiddler

Another from last weekend's trip to Eastern Tennessee...  This is my son-in-law, playing his fiddle in the shae of a tree, enjoying the hills...  Good stuff.

The post title is a song by Mike Cross, from his Irregular Guy album.  Mike Cross (of course) was born in Maryville TN, not far from where this photo was taken...

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Dream Wheels...

Last weekend, we were in eastern Tennessee for a niece's wedding.  Really great time.  While we were there, I had plenty of time to drool over this awesome Camero.  I belongs to one of my nephew's friends...  I offered to trade him (straight up) for my 2008 Altima, but he wouldn't take it (duh!)

This "glamor" shot was posted to my facebook page, direct from my iPhone.  I figureed to share here, for the benefit of others.  And because it it just aboutthe most perfect car ever. 

This attempt at a drama "pose" was posted to my (still new) Instagram account: 

If you didn't know, this is a 1968 Camero Z-28.  Pretty much like this.  It's been my favorite car (or at least one of my favorites) for 40 years or so.  Only way it could've been sweeter is if it were green.

Monday, May 05, 2014

Little Purple Wildflower

Taken last weekend during our visit to Eastern TN for a niece's wedding.  I was playing a quick round of disc golf with my son, and snuck this in.  These little flowers were abundant, I though it was pretty cool with the tiny dewdrops...

My son pointed out a spider web in the grass, catching the sun.  So I snapped it also:

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Phelp's Place, Eastern TN

A pano image of the Phelp's place, a little way out from Maryville, TN.  Click here for the spherical version.  Wonderful little spot, it is...

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Throwback Thursday - Early 1979

Continuing with the Throwback Thursday theme...  This one is from Freshman year of college,  taken in my dorm room in Gilbert Adams at Duke University.  Pretty sure it was late spring, '79 (rather than fall '78).   And yes, I frequently sat on the floor even back then!  I have no clue who actually snapped this one, but it was with my trusty Canon TX.