Wednesday, May 28, 2014

At Least I'm Not Bitter... UPDATED

Updated 5/30:  Looking back, this post comes off as a bit petty.  And while I can say I didn't mean it that way, I'm probably lying to myself.  Probably projecting back (30+ years) when I did some shooting for the Duke Chronicle.  When I didn't enjoy every assignment, and certainly "phoned it in" more than once.  That, and a bit of envy over the "real photographer", I suppose.

Meanwhile, the Intellegencer subsequently posted a series of Memorial Day photos that were fine in every respect.


So...  back on 5/18, I posted an image from an early Memorial Day observance.  Quick side story from that event:  When I arrived, I took a few minutes to scout out the area, looking for good angles, and/or photo ops.  As I walked along the outside of the cemetary fence, I passed the photographer from the local newspaper, presumably doing the same thing.  Being a naturally cheerful sort, I said something like "Hi, How're ya doing?"....  He said: Nothing.  At least nothing verbal.  I perceived a bit of a glare, but that may be just a subjective perception.  How Rude!  So, I made a point to check out his photo in the paper, and was unimpressed (perhaps just jealous?)...

Flash forward a week, to to the "real" Memorial Day observance.  Again, I'm there (with my son's scout troop) and so is the local press' photographer.  We didn't cross paths that day.  But, I did make a point to check out the paper yeaterday.  And on the front page, his photo (click here for photo at Edwardsville Intellegencer site)...  Now, I took several similar photos, looking for the "right" composition.  This one was my favorite:
There's a couple more attempts at mpix.  And even one from the 2013 observance.
So now, I can't help thinking that the guy who couldn't be bothered to acknowledge my existance a week earlier, copied my composition.  Only not as well (IMHO).
Or am I crazy?

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