Monday, June 02, 2014

Pet Peeves #41,792

Ya know what really bugs me??  When people hit "reply-all" to informational emails that were sent using mass distribution lists.  We get that with anoying regularity.

A typical example is a promotion announcement.  For example:   Human Resources sends out a email that looks something a lot like this:

I am pleased to share John Doe's promotion to Senior Widget Engineer. Since joining Spacely Sprockets two years ago as an Associate Widget Engineer, John has worked very hard at educating both external and internal customers in the use of Spacely Sprockets products and solutions in the industrial market. Through authoring application notes and guides, designing and building demos, teaching sprockets classes, supporting industrial conferences, and teaching customers literally around the world, John has helped grow Spacely Sprockets' presence in the heavy industry market place. His efforts are very much appreciated. 

Please help me in congratulating John on his promotion.

Now, don't get me wrong.  I'm happy for John Doe's accomplishments.  And glad to be informed of changes in the company.  And (if I know him), I'll send him a "Congratulations".  But I am careful to NOT hit "Reply All".   Sadly, quite a few people are not.  So everybody's inbox (inclusing mine) is flooded with banal congratulatory emails.  In the past couple of days, my company have had quite a few of these kinds of accomplishments (promotions, graduations, certifications), so there's been a flood of floods...
I guess it's a "first world problem" so I should just shut up.  Or is the #FWP?

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