Sunday, July 31, 2016

Bridgeton Mill #8

(Finally) getting towards the latter portion of of the Indiana Covered Bridge posts.  I took a LOT of photos on that trip, and quite a few I rather like.  Thanks to all for puttin' up with me.

The Bridgeton Covered Bridge was the largest we saw, at 245' span (with 11' on each end).   It is also the newest, built (rebuilt) in 2006, but the 1st covered bridge here seems to have been built in 1968.  
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I broke out the tripod here (a tool I need to learn to use more often), and tried to get some "blurred water" shots.  Unfortunately, it was drizzing at this point, and I wasn't good enough about keeping the lens dry.  But I got a few shots!

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spent a bit of time at the mill, chatting with the nice folk.  And we bought some corn meal and grits that they hard ground there.  

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The mill is electric these days, but they're talking about restoring it.  You can see the water coming out at the bottom left...  

Saturday, July 30, 2016

This time I mean it - last of WNC

Watershed Abstract

We were up at Watershed Nature Center this morning, taking photos for my son's Eagel Scrout project.  'm using blogspot as a (temporary?) storage space, so you can see those photos here, here and here.

Anyway, I fialed to capture this specific spot to my satisfaction in our previous excyrsion, but took another swing at it today.

NOW I'm happy!

Last of WNC

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Watershed Nature Center - Panorama

More Watershed Nature Center

Nice morning today, more images from WNC for my son's Eagle Scout Project:

The gong, in memory of Kay and John Kendall
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The gong (portrait orientation), in memory of Kay and John Kendall
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The Visitor Center, straight on and from an angle:

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Little Free Library, in memory of Marilyn Classen
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Staircase  "Grateful appreciation to the family and Friends of Laura Helmkamp"

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Monday, July 25, 2016

Billie Creek Bridge #39

Located just a couple hundred yards south of Beeson Bridge, Billie Creek Bridge still carries traffic.  Or at least sometimes...

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Watershed Nature Center

A series of photos of Watershed Nature Center...

Beeson Covered Bridge #38

Another in the seemingly unending posts on Indiana Covered Bridges...

The Beeson covered bridge is the only bridge we saw that had been obviously relocated.  It sits at the entrance to Billie Creek Village, which is a "Living History Museum".    Looking at the internet, this bridge was moved from about 6.5 miles from Marshall, IN.

Billie Creek Village was closed when we were there, and the entrance area looked kind of overgrown.  But they have a facebook page, so apparently they're still functioning...  I didn't go past the bridge entrance, not wanting to trespass.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Sim Smith Covered Bridge #23

Following previous posts on the Mecca bridge (here).  And the Phillips bridge (here).  And even a view from the Neet bridge (here)...  But, yes, dear friends, there's more.

Sim Smith Bridge:

Located 2 miles southeast of Montezuma, the Sim Smith bridge spans 84 feet (with 9 ft base on each end).  Only 1/2 or so from Phillips bridge, but we went the long way, taking almost an hour.  But that was kind of the point...
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Interior of the bridge, showing the arch construction.  And, sadly, the graffiti...
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And a side view, you can glimpse the stone foundation...

Continuing Coverage of Covered Bridges....

Yes, it has been almost 3 weeks since our short vacation to Indiana covered bridge county.  But I still have LOTS of images to prepare and present.  I hope you don't mind!

I've posted the Mecca bridge (here).  And the Phillips bridge (here).  And even a view from the Neet bridge (here)...  But, yes, dear friends, there's more.  So, thanks for your indulgence...

Above is a random sign, somewhere around the SimSmith bridge (next to be posted).  Little bit of the Buzz Simplifier filter, via Topaz's re-envisioning.

 On of the fun things about our excursion is that some of the bridges are not well marked, and off the beaten path.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Christmas (Noel) Dagnet House

During our Indiana Covered Bridge excursion, we came across this old house, in Armiesburg, IN.  Cool old house, and with a historical marker.  Which reads:

-- --- --
Born December 25, 1799 near Terre Haute. baptized by Father Rivet, missionary at Vincennes.  Son of French fur trader Ambrose Dagnet and Mechinquamesha, sister of Wea chief Jacco.  Served Wea nation and U.S. government at Treaty of St. Mary's signed 1818.  Married to Mary Ann Isaacs 1819 by Isaac McCoy at his Baptist Indian mission near here.

Recommended by William Clark to work for U.S. government as Interpreter, receiving $400 per year, June 1824 through 1827.   He selected land here to fulfill grant in treaty of St. Mary's; land recorded 1824.  Family moved west 1847.  Dagnet employed in the last removal of Miamis from Indiana beginning 1846.  He died before April 10 in 1848
installed 2004 Indiana Historical Bureau and the Dagnet Family