Thursday, May 15, 2014

Throw Back Thursday - Early 1981

I've probably posted this one to the blog before.  But, if so, it was a while ago.  So here goes.  This is from my college days, the apartment I lived in for Junior / Senior year.  I'm pretty certain this was summer of '81...  Besides a very young me, and my Guild Jetstar bass, there's some fun stuff in the background. 

No clue why I'm wearing a button down shirt, rather than a polo or tee.  Maybe I was late doing laundry?

You can't really tell, but the shelves behand me are typical college chic:  cinderblock and pine boards.  Note the 9" black-and-white TV (directly behind my head), with the "rabbit-ear" antenna just to the right.  Working down, 2 shelves of record albums (12" Vinyl).  Below those, cassette tapes!

I still have that bass, although it has been disassembled for a long while.  Still have that leather strap, too.  And I still have all the records... 


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