Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Eeny Meenie Miny Moe...

A couple of images from last weekend.  Just an interesting spot I came across during last weekend's trip to Flagstaff, AZ..  There's 2 versions, not sure which I like better:

The first image (above), landscape format, is the first I took. and my first "concept"...  Significantly desaturated, almost black-and-white...  The rocks are (intended to be) the primary focus.  There's also a version of this one on Instagram. Instagram 
The second image (below) was almost an after-thought.  Both when taking the photo, and when processing.  Slightly different angle, portrait orientation.  Much more focused (at least intended to be) on the grass...

Which is better?  Or at least less-bad?  I haven't made up my mind.  But I'd welcome your thoughts!

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