Saturday, July 13, 2013

Stickers On Instruments

So, I was reading the Talkbass forums yesterday,a nd came across a thread titled "Stickers on Instruments."  Only a mederately interesting thread, but got me thinking.  Non of my current basses have stickers, and I don't see myself ever adding any.  But my first bass had a sticker on it:
Pretty subtle, and I think it fits in the overall scheme of a beat-up, no-brand bass.  I don't rememebr putting it on there, but I alsodon't remember painting the pickguard...  Heck that was ~35 years ago.
Anyway, having dug up the pictures to remind myself, I figured I'd post 'em here.
Yee ha!
I'm sure I've posted about this bass before.  This is my first bass, besides a loaner from my brother.  Bought from a pawn shop in Pittsburgh (but new).  After about 1.5 years I upgraded, and gave (sold?) this one to a friend.  A few years ago, he gave it back.  It is pretty much unplayable, but is a great reminder of those "Glory Days".

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