Friday, July 13, 2007

15 Quotations From Chairman Townshend (Pt. 3)

#5 Pop has become solemn, irrelevant and boring. What it needs now is more noise, more size, more sex, more violence, more gimmickry, more vulgarity. Above all, it desperately needs a new messiah who will take things right back to the glamour, power and insanity of the Elvis Presley age.

#6 I wrote the lines of 'My Generation'without thinking, hurrying them - scribbling on a piece of paper in the back of a car. For years I've had to live by them, waiting for the day when someone says 'I thought you said you hopped you'd die when you got old. Well now you're old. What now?' Of course, most people are too polite to say that sort of thing to a dying pop star. I say it often to myself....

Pete Townshend, in case you didn't know.....
Courtesy of “
The Book of Rock Lists” by Marsh & Stein ©1981 edition

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Dana said...

new messiah... sounds nice :)