Thursday, July 12, 2007

15 Quotations From Chairman Townshend (part 2)

#3 I think the thing really is that's there's a certain honor attached to it because of the fact that rock has said: 'We will do it right. You've done it all wrong. We will do it right. We will show you that not only can we write a song like 'My Generation' where we write off the Establishment, where we write off the politicians, where we write off the group, but we write off the whole lot of you. We will get it right!'

#4 I am not a leader. Neither yours nor anyone else's. I am a rock musician, a mirror.You see yourself whenyou see The Who

Pete Townshend, in case you didn't know.....
Courtesy of “
The Book of Rock Lists” by Marsh & Stein ©1981 edition


John Roberts said...

I like ol' Pete, but he sounds a little full of himself sometimes. I think Mick Jagger said it better, "It's only rock and roll, but I like it." Much less pretentious. LOL!

LSqrd said...

Yeah, Pete's a trip. I sometimes wonder if he actually believes 1/2 of what he says. But it's fun. Stay tuned for more!