Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Monkeying Around...

Back when I was in high School, one of the local radio stations (probably WDVE, but maybe WYDD) did a contest on the weekends. Listeners would send in set-lists, of 3 songs that went together well. They’d pick one, play it on the air, and the winner would get an album. I won once, with some southern rock set, and got The Outlaws' Hurry Sundown as a prize (early 1977)… Years later, when I lived in Washing DC area, the local “community radio” station (WHFS) would occasionally play great sets, like a group of songs by “all girl acapella groups from the 60’s” or various remakes of " I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”….

Anyway, I always though this was a cool, fun concept. I’m not really set up to post music here (especially copyrighted music!), but thought it would be interesting to (occasionally) post proposed song lists. Three or Four tunes that are linked in some manner, taken from my collection of stuff. Feel free to add you own suggestions in the comments. Let’s start with Monkeys (not to be confused with Monkees), and immediately overshoot the rules with 5 songs:

Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except For Me and My Monkey – the Beatles
(Siamese Twins) The Monkey and Me – The Knack
Monkey On My Back - Aerosmith

Shock the Monkey – Peter Gabriel
Space Monkey - Patti Smith

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Jonathan S. said...

Monkey to Man - Elvis Costello
Monkey Man - Rolling Stones
Steel Monkey - Jethro Tull.
Those are fine. But, come on, the best monkey song of all time?
Making Love to a Vampire with a Monkey on My Knee, by Captain Beefheart.