Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Steelers 21, Seahaws 10

One of my friends from Pittsburgh was able to get last minute tickets, and take his son to the Super Bowl. I am SOOOO Jealous! They did the whole thing in one stretch, drive to Detroit, go to the game, drive back… Quite an undertaking, but very cool! Here’s some pictures they took, thanks to MikeW for the chance to post them!

Steelers line up for the extra point……:. .

Seahawks looking at a long way…


Jonathan S. said...

Sure, us Seahawks shot ourselves in the foot plenty of times out there on Sunday. However, the refs sure didn't help. But, whatever, we're not bitter. We're just looking at next year's redemption.

LSqrd said...

This one won't end up on any "best Super Bowl" lists, but a win is a win.

If your guy doesn't push off in the end zone, then you don't have to argue that the transgression seldom gets called. Your tight end catches a couple of passes, and it's a different game. And somebody should explain to your punter about the whole "inside the 20" thing... what were there, 4 touchbacks?

MikeW said...

Good teams find a way to win despite bad calls. Look at the Steelers vs. Colts. When the NFL actually admits a call was bad, you know things are REAL bad. But they really need to do something about officiating during this off-season.