Friday, March 31, 2006


It’s the end of the month, thought I’d clean out the inventory of unpublished shots. 3 / 4 of these were posted over at Better Photo, and the last….. well, it’s an idea that didn’t turn out like I envisioned. Anyway, Happy Last Day of March! . .

- untitled -

Not sure why this one didn’t show up here before now. This was one of the first in the “tree in lake” series… Maybe because I couldn’t think of a title?

- Glen Carbon Library –

A shot of our local library, just a little “slice of life”… I really like this kind of shot. These shots always get overlooked, but I keep on shooting them, they please me, and that's the key.

- Drop In the Bucket -

A leftover from February, when the Yahoo group did a “water drop” theme. This was my second choice back then, and didn’t get posted on BP until earlier this week. I could never get that worked up about the whole water drop thing, but some peopel really love 'em...

- no title -

As I said, this one didn’t work. I was trying to catch the contrashing textures of the pine needles, the cone and the bark. I suppose I could go back and re-shoot it on a less harshly lit day…. But it was just something that caught my eye while wandering in the park, and the moment has passed…..

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Sherry P said...

i can understand what you were going for, but this is good. me, i'm a sucker for nature, especially anything with rocks.