Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Draw A Pig!

Thanks to Sherry over at After The Bridge, for pointing out this really silly site, Draw A Pig. Besides offering the challenge to create "art" with your computer mouse, it provides a personality evaluation, of sorts. The drawing above, of course, is My Pig! Hmmmm, what can it all mean?


Sherry P said...

i did completely forget to tell you that your pig is a fine piggy and totally looks piggy like. mine was a blobby sort of mutant, sad little porker it was. : )

LSqrd said...

Well, clearly I'd starve if my livelihood depended on my my drawing skills!! But I figure if my 6-year old son can recognize it, I'm doing OK.

"Blobby sort of mutant".... LOL. Guess you'll have to stick to writing!