Thursday, March 02, 2006

My Favorite Photos??

One of the Yahoo groups I’m in has asked members for their favorite photo. That’s almost like asking which of my children is my favorite, pretty much impossible…. But I did choose a few that rise above the crowd, at least in my own mind. I decided posting them here would be the best / easiest way to publish them. So all the regular readers get a bonus (Lucky y’all!).. So hard to pick just a few, but here goes….

-First, from my film days, circa ‘ 75-'98

Tusorara Mountain, South Central PA. Rock With Hole. During my high-school backpacking days. Original slide has faded a bit, but will always be a favorite. Fall ‘77 .… .

Duke Homestead, Durham, NC…. Taken during an assignment to photograph a tobacco spitting contest for the Duke University Newspaper, when I was shooting for the Wednesday “arts” supplement. Fall of ‘81.… .

Shy of a Load… Belleville, IL. Along the interstate, between home and the big shopping mall. This was one of the shots that re-started my hobby, after a dormancy. Early Fall, ‘96 .…

-Next, from my Point-N-Shoot digital days days, circa ‘ 98-‘04

Cataldo Mission, Northern Idaho. My most successful non-SLR photo, With finalists at BetterPhoto and PhotoShowdown, along with Pictures Of The Month at (defunct?) Photography Unlimited. October 2004.… .

Rock Me On the Water. Spokane River, near Spokane, WA. October 2003.…

-Finally, from the current D-SLR days (1/2005 – current)

Leaf #25.…Highland, IL. Certainly my most successful shot, a Picture of the Year Finalist for 2005 at, and a 2nd place at BetterPhoto. Fall 2005 .

St. Jacob, IL. My current favorite, probably just because it’s pretty new. Currently my computer wallpaper. Taken Feb. 2006.… .

There you have it, my favorite shots, at least for today’s mood. Pretty hard to pick 7 shots from 30+ years of photos……

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Sherry P said...

your photos are simply beautiful and your choices are breathtaking.the "rock with hole" is something else as is the spokane river. i look forward to clicking here and just enjoying. thanks much.