Sunday, April 16, 2006

Backyard Birding

Just a couple of House Finches at the feeder today….

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Sherry P said...

they are just so pretty. i have a lot of birds where i life now, but for about 14 years i lived in a blace that had only pigeons, sparrows and the occasional starling. i hated it. not even 1 squirrel!

LSqrd said...

I've enjoyed birds for as long as I can remember. From the milk carton bird feeder outside the window when I was in elementary school to Eagle watching on the Mississippi with my kids.

But I don't like squirrels. Mainly because they raid the feeder, abd drive off the birds!

Sherry P said...

i love my squirrels. they are fat and sassy and seem to have worked out a deal with the birds. none of the birds are really afraid of the squirrels and the squirrels have a healthy respect from the birds especially the bluejays and the little titmice. a titmouse is a ballsy little bird! i have all kiind of birds and they will be eating the seed off the deck or from the ground that the squirrels spill or they will and have chased a squirrel back into the oak trees because there are usually more than 1 bird there at a time and the squirrel, especially if it's a little pine squirrel will just sit on a branch and bitch til he gets up enough courage to chase the birds, which then regroup and come back to get theirs! more than once i've had a turkey holding on to the railing on the deck(which is on the 2nd floor of the back of my house) and eating out of the feeder like a big house finch! i feed whatever shows up. except the hawks!
my squirrels are too darn fat for the hawks to take on. ; )