Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Barn, Early Morning, Early Spring

OK, just a fun little exercise in Happenstance. I shot this from my car window, on the way to work (while driving 60mph +/-)... Not exaclty the "right" way to do it, no tripod, no careful composition, nothing. Auto settings, Aperture priority, wide open to get the fastest shutter speed. On a dark, looking-like-rain morning. I posted this to the “before and after” discussion area at BetterPhoto, if you want to see the “before”, click HERE. .


Jonathan S. said...

There you go again letting your passion for photography get in the way of safe driving. Didn't your driving instructor teach you anything? Pay attention to the road, mister, and stop taking pictures! You might run over something that doesn't want to be run over, i.e. cat, raccoon, the Secretary of the Treasury.

MikeW said...

Will "Hey Pal" Rogers is probably spinning in his grave.
But it's worth it, I love this shot.