Sunday, April 23, 2006

Dogwood Blossom

We have a new (baby) Dogwood tree in the back yard this year. Our first new tree in many years, replacing a maple we grew from seed, which had to taken out during our backyard project. Between that and just cleaning-up, we took down 4 “from seed” trees since last fall (all maples). Well, I suppose 1 dogwood can offset 4 maples, huh? This dogwood is about 6-7ft tall, and managed only 3-4 little flowers in it’s first spring with us… But ain't they cute?


Sherry P said...

yes, they are cute. i have a few dogwoods behind my house, so far, no blight. i have one in my yard from a nursery. "lucy" is about 10 years old now, blossoms quite a bit.
she is still delicate looking tho.
sometimes a dogwood with only a few blossoms looks even more beautiful. each flower stands out and catches the eye.
i'm still trying to get my morning posts published by blogger. it's gremlins, i tell yas, gremlin!!!!

Ciara said...

Hi there!
I stumbled across the photo of your dogwood blossom a while ago and, since then, have gotten it tattooed on my arm!
Just thought you might like to know :)
I've only got the outline of the petals and no middle part.
I'm hoping to, eventually, have a whole branch with about four flowers on going from my shoulder down to the middle of my forearm.

Thanks for the inspiration! :D


LSqrd said...

Wow.... That's a first for me...

Happy to have inspired you!