Friday, April 28, 2006

Your Favorite Tree?

Today (4/28) is Arbor Day, a day to celebrate all things "tree"!! So everybody should go hug a tree.... there was an interesting article in our local paper, talking about "your favorite tree". An interesting concept, and a fun diversion; but pretty hard for a tree-nut like me to choose. I'll say the sycamore in my back yeard, that I planted as a 6-7' stick from the long defunct K-Mart back in 1989, which now towers over the back yard. But just to celebrate our leafy friends, here's a selection of 5 of tree photos from past postings...


Sherry P said...

i am in love with the green one!
the multi - colored one was cool!

it must be wonderful to be able to create you own vision with pictures, as i do with words!

LSqrd said...

I'm sure it's very similar in your writing:

There's times when "it works", and your image matches your vision. That's pretty cool.

But there's also times when you end up with crap. It doesn't come close to capturing the moment. And the more you work with it, the worse it gets.

Sometime you struggle to come up with anything appealing, and sometimes it just appears right in front of you.

Just like life, huh?

Sherry P said...

just like life and certainly like poetry.when it works it's amazing, the feeling is just something else, but when it's crap, it's crap. tho, then again, some people have adored poems that i have cringed over, so i guess it's like everything else, in the eye of the beholder or to each, their own! thank heavens! ; )

Ol' Froth said...

I have some cherries that I'm quite fond of in my front yard.