Thursday, July 13, 2006

On the iTunes, 06.07.13_11:11

My last 10 recently played, as if you cared:

Just You & Me - Chicago..... Too Much Information - Police..... Man Of The Hour - Outlaws..... I Feel It In My Heart - Talking Heads..... Rockin' All Over The World (Live) - John Fogarty..... Song With No Words - CSN..... Nobody's Home - Kansas..... Play Something Sweet - 3 Dog Night..... Dream Within A Dream - Alan Parsons Project..... From The Beginning - Emerson Lake and Palmer

What're YOU listing to?


Sherry P said...

truthfully, a cd , seven metals, singing bowls of tibet/ benjamin tobst.

it's one of the ones i listen to when i want to de-stress.

odd, sometimes i will put on ac/dc really loud to achieve the same effect.

LSqrd said...

I understand. Even though I don't know the singing bowls...

Sherry P said...

singing bowls are hard to explain, but they turn you inward and yet expand your spirit.

i also have native american chants set to a more new agey type of music. it is earthy and grounding and it always make me wonder how much farther we might have come as a society if we had chosen to learn from them from the very beginings and showed them the noble side of our natures instead of that which we did show for the most part,we'd all be better off.