Thursday, August 31, 2006

It Doesn't Matter....

Two versions of the same song, sort of... Same melody, (almost) completely different lyrics. Written by Stephen Stills, Chris Hillman and Rick Roberts. I first discovered "It Doesn't Matter" from the version Steve Stills did with the band Manassas in 1972. It wasn't until mid college (1981, maybe) that I discovered the version Firefall (featuring Rick Roberts) did in 1976. I really like both versions, but Firefall's lyrics seem to have more emotional "punch".

FIREFALL's version
She was just looking, wondering if you might
notice her smile
She was just watching, Hoping you might want
to stay for a while
Let her be by your side
You don’t have to say why, You don’t have to say why
It doesn’t matter
She was just looking at you

Standing alone, While she tells you goodbye
Still wishing she’d stay
Wanting to tell you, The way that she feels
She can’t think what to say
Except don’t walk away
You might need her someday, You might need her someday
It doesn’t matter
She was just looking at you

She was just watching, As you walked away
Without turning around
She was just crying, Her head in her hands
and her eyes on the ground
without making a sound
Oh but don’t turn around, Leave her behind
She’ll be around, If you change you mind
It doesn’t matter
She was just looking at you
- - - - - - - -
MANASSAS' version
Fallin' and spinnin', Losin' and winnin'
Keepin' my head
Watchin' for signals, Wearisome vigil
Was I misled
I remember you said, that you
Don't want to forget me
It doesn't matter
Which of our fantasies fail
Every tomorrow, Lookin' to borrow
A piece of today
Run a bit faster, Here comes the catcher
Makin' his play
You had better not stay
You will soon be surrounded
It doesn't matter
Which of our fantasies stay

Lonely and winsome, Calling for someone
Living right now
Something is shallow, Ugly and hollow
Doesn't even allow
You to want to know how
you might Live for the living

Give for the giving, Moment by moment
One day at a time
It doesn't matter,
It's nothin' but dreamin' any how

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Sherry P said...

the first does have more of a punch to it, an emotional gut grab, we can all relate to those words. the 2nd is more of a poetry/prose kind of artsy thing that looks good with the 1st reading but after i looked at it a few times, i wasn't really impressed. just me. ; )