Saturday, August 26, 2006

Suffragette City

On this date (8/26) back in 1930, the 19th amendment to the US Constitution was formally adopted. The 19th amentment gave women the right to vote. Pretty amazing that it took so long, over 60 years later than the 15th amendment, which guaranteed the right to vote would not be denied based on race, color, or previous condition of servitude.


Sherry P said...

and yet, some still wonder at those that are a bit aggravated and touchy when it comes to matters of human eqality. ; )

LSqrd said...

As a society, we must remember the areas where we have..... not excelled. Not just our triumphs. It's valuable for me to rememeber that recognizing women as "full citizens" happened during my Grandmothers' adulthood (after my mother's birth, even. I wonder what it was like when they cast their first votes?

Sherry P said...

i've wondered. i think most had to have been very brave because i am sure, that there were a few husbands that were totally rabid about their little women, and wanted them to not vote and if they did, only vote for the people THEY told them to vote for. the rule of thumb was still accepted behavior!

i belong to a fraternal org. that still does not let women vote. i know some very nice elderly men that have said that tho they have belonged to it for 50 years or more, that they would tear up their life membership if women ever get the vote.

they are a product of their generation and times are slowly changing there, but it is like going back in time and seeing society first hand as an observer.

it is eye opening.