Friday, August 18, 2006

Truth Hits Everybody

Gordon Sumner (better known as Sting), Stewart Copeland, and Andy Summers give their first performance as The Police at a nightclub in Birmingham, England. Sting and Copeland had formed the band several months earlier with another guitar player, Henry Padovani, who had quit the band, but this was the first show featuring the trio that proved to be a hit-making combination.
Sting, nicknamed for a black and yellow shirt he frequently wore to his early gigs, was born in Newcastle, England. Before becoming a full-time musician, he worked as a teacher and ditch digger. Playing bass, saxophone, and keyboards, as well as singing, Sting played in Newcastle jazz clubs in his early 20s, when he met drummer Stewart Copeland. Copeland was born to American parents in Egypt; his father was in the CIA. Summers, a classically trained guitar player from Blackpool, England, had played with numerous successful musicians, including Neil Sedaka, before joining the Police. Copeland and his brother created a record label that produced a single, "Fall Out," by the Police in 1978. A year later, the group signed a record deal. (courtesy of History Channel)

I used to have the 45 of Fall Out, whith HenryP on guitar, but I sold it on eBay a while back...

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