Friday, September 08, 2006


On a recent business trip, I needed to rent a car. Avis gave me a Chevy HHR, their response to the Chrysler PT Cruiser… In review? Let’s just say I won’t be rushing off to buy one. On the other hand, I’m not a big fan of the PT Cruiser, so I’m not exactly the target demographic. It’s not a bad little car, overall, but just didn’t “wow” me. One GLARING problem, from my standpoint, was the sloping roof. Now I’m not exactly a giant (6’0” on a good day), but sitting in the driver’s seat, the top of the windshield seemed to be just about at eye level. So I felt like I was looking DOWN through the windshield, and had the urge to hunch down to see out. And the rearview mirror seemed to be really in the way of normal vision. I’ll bet this sucker would really be a pain on a long drive, my neck hurts just thinking about it! I tried to figure out how to lower the seat, but couldn’t. Maybe lean it way back and drive like a 16 year old (in full recline)?

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Sherry P said...

i think it's a cute car, but then, i'm about 5 ft. 3 in!!!