Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Kicks (Just Keep Gettin' Harder To Find)

YMCA scoocer is in full swing, my son’s team had their first game last weekend! A couple of changes as they move into first grade: First, it’s no longer co-ed. That drops a couple friends from the team, but is all part of life, I suppose. At least they're still playing, too. Second, GOALIES! For the past 2 sessions (Fall & Spring of Kindergarden), they played with an open goal. Now they have goalies, and molst of the kids want to be there! My son played a quarter “in the pipes”, and didn’t give up any goals (phew!). He even made a save, of sorts.

Of course, the next best great thing is getting chosen team captain (on a per game basis, not all season or anything), see below…. This year the team is sponsored by a local Pizza joint, sounds like an “end=of=season” party will be in order! It'll be fun to see how they progress this year, it's starting to look more like soccer and less like a shifting herd!


Sherry P said...

maybe i could be sponsored by a pizza team? or starbucks, hummmmm hersheys maybe??!! : )

LSqrd said...

Sounds great to me... I'll take Nikon, though!

Nikon presents: LSquared Imaging

I'd gladly give 'em top billing for a big box of free equipment!