Thursday, October 12, 2006

Red & Green

Sometimes you take a picture, and when you see the results…….. well, it’s just not what you wanted. It doesn’t capture whatever spark led you to press the shutter. Invariably, you feel compelled to try and find that essence, it must be in there somewhere. So you tweak and adjust, and eventually, break out the “effects”. Eventually, you have to acknowledge that it just didn’t work out.… Sadly, we often convince ourselves that our mangled result somehow has it’s own merit, if just to justify our efforts. Thus, today’s image. Sorry.


Sherry P said...

hi, i like how you made it textured. that's a cool thing. i just think you got it a little unbalanced with too much on the left side. but, i'm not a photographer so i could be full of baloney. : )

LSqrd said...

No you're right that the balance is off. The center of interest was supposed be the leaf that's a bit right and above center. But it is overwhelmed by the splash of super bright red that cascades down the left side. That splash is too indistinct to work as a "center of interest", so we're left with a mish-mash. And all the effects in the world can't fix that!!

John Roberts said...

I think the texture effect actually adds to this photo. It doesn't always work when I try it.

LSqrd said...

Thanks John... I don't remember the exact recipe, there's several layers of "stuff" going on. Just messin' around, ya know.

The texture is "sandstone", and I had the settings kinda subtle. When I reduced the size from the original BP version, I had to re-do the texture. Then I did a USB, too, IIRC....(