Monday, October 09, 2006

Sports Overload

We had some friends over yesterday, and gorged ourselves on sports, food and chat. And some adult beverages (for the adults)…. We actually brought up the smaller TV from the basment, and set it next to the larger TV. Not quite screen-in-screen, but screen-beside-screen... Here’s the rundown:

* Noon: St. Louis Rams at Green Bay. The Rams move to an impressive 4-1 record, edging Green Bay 23-20. That's three straight close wins against non-playoff teams (Arizona, Detroit and Green Bay). But 4-1 feels a lot nicer than 1-4.....

* 1pm -ish: Nascar Nextel Cup at Talledega. Typical "plate" racing, plus a controversial finish. Plenty of soap opera here, as Brian Vickers got his first cup win by spinning teammate Jimmie Johnson into fan-favorite Dale Earnhart Jr on the last lap, crashing both. Vickers was on the outs with Hendrick Motorsports before yesterday, I won't be surprosed if he's with another team by the next race!

* 7 pm: St. Louis Cardinals hosting San Diego, in game 4 of the NLCS. The Cards rebound to win the game and the series, despite walking in a run (and giving up 2) in the first inning. The Redbirds seem to have shaken off thier late season swoon, but how long can they keep it up?? Next task, The Mets.

* 7:30pm: Pittsburgh Steelers at San Diego. As I said before, 4-1 feels a lot nicer than 1-4, and the Steelers are edging towards 1-4. Thank's to the bye-week, they're only 1-3, with 3 straight losses. Another lackluster game, sqaundering a 13-7 halftime lead, and losing the 2nd half 16-0. This does NOT look like the team that won last year's Super Bowl... I hope they can find a spark before the season is all the way wasted.


John Roberts said...

But how 'bout dem Saints! 4-1 baby! I'm enjoying it while I can - the tough part of the schedule is ahead.

LSqrd said...

I haven't seen them play this year, but 4-1 is a nice start! I'll be rooting for them Sunday, but that's 'cause I hote the Eagles!

I know your old coach is doing a great job as defensive coordinator for the Rams this year. Even if they end up 4-12, the defense is playing at a different level than last year.