Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Teen Titans GO!!

OK, we all have our silly diversions, and I have more than my fair share. One of which is the animated carrtoon Teen Titans.

This is a super cool show, with surprising depth for a kids' cartoon. Naturally, I discovered it through my son, back when he was probably 5 years old. The theme song caught my attention first, with the Japanese duo Puffy Ami Yumi and the Dick Dale style guitar. But it didn't take long to get hooked. I've recently watched the 1st 2 seasons on DVD, thanks to Netflix, and enjopyed every episode. I think I might be developing a "thing" for Raven though....

I can't wait for seasons 3 - 5 to hit DVD!

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LSqrd said...

And don't miss the Japanese version of the theme, which is used on some of the episodes: