Monday, October 23, 2006

What Are You Listening To?

Haven't done this in a while... Here's the 10 most recent from my itunes:
* Strange Magic- Electric Light Orchestra (now playing)
* Down In The Tube Station At Midnight- The Jam

* Jailhouse Rock- Elvis Presley

* Wash, Mama, Wash- Dr. John
* Presence Of The Lord- Blind Faith

* Money For Nothing- Dire Straits

* Crazy Love- Allman Brothers Band

* Go For It- Joe Jackson

* Takin' It To The Streets- Doobie Brothers

* Someday Never Comes- Creedence Clearwater Revival

What're y'all listening to?


Sherry P said...

rolling stones, forty licks!

LSqrd said...

That's a pretty good disc, Sherry, though it has a few "holes"... IMHO, the Stones are essentially a "singles" band. They have some of the greatest songs in music, but a lot of "misses" thrown in, too.

Sherry P said...

yeah, you are right on that one but i just skip over the songs i don't like. some others, i replay!

i love, "beast of burden" and "love is strong" is a killer!
i also like a song called "don't stop" and "sympathy for the devil" is a classic!

LSqrd said...

all good songs.
But it misses some of my favorites like DoDoDoDo (Heartbreaker) and
Can't You Hear Me Knocking