Thursday, November 30, 2006

Endless Wire

After a 24year layoff, The Who have released a new album, Endless Wire. It’s hard from me to consider The Who without Moon and Entwistle, and my first fearful thought was “Psychderelict”…. But I had a gift certificate, and I took the plunge. The album has 21 songs, including the entirety of the mini-opera “Wine & Glass”, plus a 26 minute DVD of a 2006 performance in Lyon, France. I figured it was worth the risk at $9.72. So what’s the verdict?? Well I usually like to live with a new release for a bit before passing final judgment, but so far, think it’s pretty good. Not outstanding, and definitely mellower than, say, Live At Leeds, but seems pretty solid. The DVD (see screen-shot above) is OK, too. Daltry’s voice struggles a touch, but it’s fun. But as I watched 60+ year old Pete Townsend, I kept flashing back to “The Kids Are Alright”….


Sherry P said...

geeezzzzz, i'm getting OLD! ; )

John Roberts said...

"The Ox" was my favorite Who band member. It just won't be the same without him with that bass pulled up high on his chest. He was soooo cool!

LSqrd said...

Hey John:

Have you ever seen the anniversary version of the movie "The Kids Are Alright"?? It has isolated versions of a couple of the songs recorded for the movie (I think it's Baba O'Riley" and "Won't Get Fooled"), with the mix adjusted to JUST hear the bass (as well as an isolated camera on J.E. Amazing

I alos found a clip on Youtunes of a recent JE bass solo, from a performance of 5:15.

Entwistle was my favorite, also.