Saturday, November 18, 2006

Scouting for Food

My son is out this morning, collecting for the Scouting For Food drive. Last week, they went around and dropped off bags at houses around the community; today they go back, and hope to find LOTS of the bags filled with cans of food. They'll deliver the donations to a local food pantry. It's a great service project, with scouts of all ages, all around the country taking part. If you didn't have a chance to donate, why not take the opportunity and drop something by your nearest Food Pantry?

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Sherry P said...

i think it's a wonderful thing to do. i donate canned food for the post office drive in may and have helped orginize 50/50s etc for the deer lakes food pantry. i think having scouts do this teaches many valuable lessons and can't help but make them more understanding.