Friday, December 29, 2006

I Hate Meeses to Pieces!

A week or so ago, we began to notice signs of unwanted house guests. First some indistinct rustling sounds from the kitchen late at night. Then the tell tale droppings, and finally a glimpse of scurrying fur across the kitchen floor. Well, this can’t be tolerated, they won’t go away on their own! So a trip to Wal*Mart for some good-old-fashioned crush-the-bugger mouse traps. But they also had the “humane” traps, and we figured to go that route. So, after a couple of fruitless nights, we awoke this morning to not one, but 2 fuzzy fiends. My son, of course, thought they were cute, and wanted to keep them. But some gentle discussions convinced him that mice belong outdoors, and not with people. So we took them to the local park for some “catch & release”. I took the chance to discuss the whole circle-of-life gig with the boy, and how mice tend towards the bottom of the food chain. I figure the odds of them surviving 24 hours are slim, but perhaps they’ll end up as food for some other animal, better than dead in the trash.

One of the fuzzballs made a quick dash for freedom, and quickly disappeared into the underbrush.

The other didn’t even want to leave the trap, I had to shake him (her, it?) out. It headed for the underbrush, but then stopped, perhaps to think about the situation.


Anonymous said...

Creepy, ugly little critters. It was nice of you to go the humane route and leave them for some hawks dinner. Good pictures but I'm not too partial to mice thank you.

Sherry P said...

oh they are cute!

i always rescued the mice that any of our cats would catch in the house(if i could)
i'd grab them by their tails and take them outside.
i know they just came right back in, but it gave them a 2nd chance.