Tuesday, December 12, 2006


All along, I go back and look through my old “raw” files. Often I’ll find a shot that may have been overlooked, or inspires me to rework. This is one such image, rediscovered due to recent discussions on Hocking Hills State Park. For whatever reason (who remembers May 2005?) this one was overlooked. I’ve included the original (below) so you can see just how much work I did in this one. Starting with a pretty significant crop. This was a very low light shot, 1/10th second at f-4.5, without a tripod! My ability to compose the shot was very limited by the need to brace the camera against a rock or tree, to get a steady platform. I think it turned out ok, what does everyone else think??





Anonymous said...

The reworked photo looks like slate. You have made an interesting composition. Very nice. I'm glad I could see the before shot too.

Sherry P said...

they both are good. i like before more for the mossy wet, earthy quality but i loved the black and white which created something totally different. it was good to see both. they are so different tho the same.

LSqrd said...

The lighting was a real problem. A bright sunny day, but down in a wooded canyon. Low light, with harsh highlights, really tough.

On a cloudy day, I'll work with the "before" shot... But I knew when I took it that I'd be isolating the "shelves" of waterfall...