Saturday, January 13, 2007


I'm not sure what to think of this, but it kind of creeps me out:
Garfunkel Library
I saw it over at Jonathan's Wacky World of Words and thought I'd share.


Anonymous said...

I guess my reaction is ..So???.. Its not high on my list of concerns.
Only on the Great Information Highway.

Sherry P said...

i have always loved s&g's song lyrics. they really are poems, but you are right. THIS just creeps me out big time.i guess there are fans and then there are FANS. i keep picturing kathy bates.

LSqrd said...

To me, there's a couple of key questions:

1) What would inspire a person to catalog every book they had read over 38 years?? In order, with the date read?

2) What would make any person (even a minor "star") think that anyone else would care??

3) Meanwhile, why June 1968 starting point?

Sherry P said...

it's just so odd, so rigid.