Thursday, January 18, 2007

Crosstown Traffic

"All you do is slow me down, And I'm tryin to get on the other side of town" (Hendrix)

"Drive round London in a car, Don't really want to go far , So many cars fill the streets, Wonder why we bother at all. " (The Jam)

Just trying to zip from Downtown Chicago to Lansing, IL, 30 miles, almost all interstate. Over an hour and a half by the time I got there. This is on I-94 East, not far from the Indiana line, but it is pretty representative of the whole drive. But don't fret about the dangers of taking pictures while driving, this is a dead stop.

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Anonymous said...

I guess it doesn't matter where one lives, there's always a traffic jam. You might as well enjoy the tail lights as Ame said in the Santa Clara Daily Photo post yesterday.