Friday, January 19, 2007

Ready to Roll!

Tomorrow morning is my son’s first ever Pinewood Derby. Pretty exciting, tonight was the registration / weigh-in. With an additional dime, we clocked in at 4.97 oz, pretty close to the maximum of 5.00 oz. I suppose we should've found a way to get that last 0.03 oz, but we're in it more for the fun. And we had fun working together on the car, I just hope it does ok. Wish us well!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that picture brings back memories. We did that with our sons too. Its always better to be in it for the fun than all out competition.
Good luck and have a wonderful weekend.

Sherry P said...

oh, that brought back memories. i remember my nephew's little car. he was so proud.

he's 27 now and getting married this summer. where does the time go???

John Roberts said...

With two daughters, this is something from my boyhood I won't get to re-live. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Nice looking car, too!