Friday, January 12, 2007


One of my favorite posessions is this watercolor painting, of a house in the WV hills. It hung in my parents' house for years. I always liked it, and it came to me after my Mom passed away in 2004. IIRC, this was painted by a friend of the family, who used to be involved with Sunrise musuem in Charleston, WV (where I was born). The signature reads Marion Lehman, but I'm I don't remember the name. It's 18 x 22", not including the matting. Really nice, I thought I'd share it!!


Anonymous said...

I like it too. I think I'm partial to watercolors. This looks like the old family homested. Nice warm earthy tones. I think its good to take record shots of your valued and favorite paintings for reference and heaven forbid, something should happen to the original.

Sherry P said...

hi, i love this. not only is it good, but it has history. that makes it even better.