Friday, February 09, 2007


Last night was my younger daughter’s next-to-last band concert before she graduates high school. Seems like we’ve been to a lot of these over the past few years, and have enjoyed them all (well, at least most of them!). It’ll be a few years before my son starts band, so we’ll have to suffer in silence.


Sherry said...

been there, done that. my nephew and niece were in the fch band.
he was also in the jazz band and drum major, she played flute.
at least the concerts were indoor. i froze at some of the homecoming games waiting for halftime to see them play. brrrr!
my daughter isn't musical, but i think my granddaughter is. she likes any musical instrument that makes tons of noise!

photowannabe said...

This shot is great. I like the isolation of the band conductor. I'll bet he would like a copy too. Music is such a wonderful outlet for kids and everyone for that matter. I think kids do better academically if they play an instrument or sing in chorus.