Tuesday, June 12, 2007

In The Box....

We’re big believers in crate training, and our new puppies have taken right to it. Years ago, before I had a clue, I thought it was a horrible and cruel idea. Then I did some research, and tried it with Duke Dog, and have been sold ever since. Our new puppies were right at home, right away. We have also re-installed baby gates at the kitchen entrances, for when the pups need a bit more space, but still need to be confined.

- - - - - - - - -
Meanwhile, the pups rarely slow down enough to pose, but here’s a couple of shots. First Stu, in the blue collar (Stu is Blue):

And in the green collar, Chuck:


photowannabe said...

Really good looking pups. Their faces are so expressive. My daughter in law did the same training for her dog and it was a great thing to do. He really liked the secure feeling.

John Roberts said...

We would never have made it through our dogs' first year without the crate! Our dogs did not see it as confinement, but as a refuge. They would enter it on their own several times a day to nap.

Sherry said...

oh my are the sweet!

and i'm a biggie for crate training. i thought it was cruel at first too, til i did it with my one dog. he love his home.

he hated when the cat would go in and prance around in it just to show him who the boss really was. : )

Ol' Froth said...

What great looking pups!