Friday, August 03, 2007


More vacation photos!! Just a short drive from our hotel, we found a nice spot along the shore of Kentucky Lake. A great base to hang out. The younger kids were able to swim in the lake (see below, and yes, they did wear life vests!). The older kids were able to catch some rays. And the boat could pull up for loading/unloading.

Most importantly (to me), I was able to wander the shoreline, looking for “artsy” photo ops…. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the guts to take my DLSR near the water, so all of these are from my little Nikon L2.

Rocks with Dried Seaweed (or “lakeweed”, I suppose...)


photowannabe said...

Great artsy shoreline shots. I like all the different textures and shapes. B&W a good choice too.

John Roberts said...

The middle B&W shot (with the curvy piece of driftwood) needs to be put in a frame and hung in a prominent place in your home as soon as you get back home!