Monday, August 06, 2007

Love Stinks (Yeah yeah)

No, it’s not any sort of personal judgment on emotional involvement. I’m referring to the 1980 album from the J. Geils Band, with the hit title song. During my college days, I lost quite a few albums, and acquired a couple. This is one of the ones that showed up after a dorm-room party, and went unclaimed. So anyway, I’m listening to it now, for the first time in many years. Not a classic, but also not a bad effort. From just before the really massive (video driven) popularity of Centerfold.

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Sherry said...

this is a poem i wrote years ago and it's posted early on in my blog.

your post had me go look for it.

; )

love stinks

there's an old rock song with that title
can't fucking remember who sang it
doesn't much matter, i know the words by heart,
by heart, ha!
it was a selection on the jukebox where i hang.
me and a friend, we used to play it a couple of times
ah, more than a couple, every friday and saturday night.
we'd sing love" sucks" instead of stinks.
suck being shouted.
his girlfriend tending bar didn't like that too much.
we did.
he married her, needed a steady income and a place to live.
love sucks.

sherry p.