Sunday, September 16, 2007

Go Racers!

We decided to take a quick jaunt down to Murray State yesterday (Saturday) to see my younger daughter, and her first performance as part of the Murray Band. She’s on the color guard, as a freshman. So we piled into the car after my son’s morning soccer game, and headed to Kentucky. A lot of driving (about 7 hours round trip), but worth it. We only stayed through the show at ½ time, and made it home at 2 minutes before midnight!.... A couple of snapshots from the evening:

The band is bigger than Edwardsville High School’s! My daughter is the one in the back, at the 45 yard line!

Not exactly USC and LSU, but Murray vs Lambuth was still entertaining… Next time maybe I’ll have to get a better zoom!

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Sherry said...

it's an exciting time. great pictures.