Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Leaf #24

I got an email today, with the rather vague message: “What is the price for this photograph? We need to know ASAP. Thanks.” Understandably, all of my scam alarms went off. But I decided to find out more… Turns out the image in question is on old 2nd-place winner at Better Photo, from way back in November 2005. But more alarms, they’re “on a deadline” and need to move quickly. Next thing, they’ll want to pay with a Nigerian Cashier’s Check for $3M, and get $2,999,000 in change! We’ll see….. Anyway, I like the image, and thought I'd repost it here.


Sherry said...

i like it very much and it is a grand picture to just dwell on today.

John Roberts said...

You've always had a way with leaves! Is there a photo book on this subject in your future?????