Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Long Day

OK, a long day makes for some funky pictures. I got up before dawn yesterday, hit the road for Chicago, 250+ miles north. Then a couple of meetings downtown, and headed back south. I made it home a bit after 9pm. A lot of highway for a couple of meetings, but it was a last minute deal. Anyway, along about sunset, somewhere in north-central Illinois, I snapped the sun and clouds out the moving car (with my little point-n-shoot). Later, a bit north of Litchfield, I took a couple of abstractions of the last light in the clouds. Something a littlee bit different, certainly darker than some of the recent posts….



photowannabe said...

Nice treatment Larry. Thank goodness for the camera on such a long haul.
Love your new profile picture, very flattering....

Sherry said...

i love the last 2!!!!