Saturday, March 01, 2008

123 Mime

Fellow blogger Frothy tagged me for the 123 mine...
Here's the rules: Take the nearest book, turn to page 123.Look for the fifth sentence, then post the three sentences following the fifth sentence.

Well, this is random, but I'm game... Nearest book: "The Book of General Ignorance", which was a gift from one of my daughters.Page 123, sentences 6-8:

He sold more than a million books in his lifetime and was the first to apply evolutionary theory to psychology, philosophy, aand the study of society.He also invented the paper clip. The device was called Spencer's Binding Pin and was produced on a modified hook-and-eye machine by a manufacturer called Ackermann whose offices were on the Strand in London."

Who should I tag?? How about My Viewfinder, Photowannabe and After the Bridge...


photowannabe said...

The closest book to me was on my desk. Its called Devotional Classics edited by Richard J. Foster. The portion of the reading was from Gregory of Nyssa (331-396) called Running the Race....Gregory believed that the main use of the Bible was not for historical reflection but rather for growth in virtue. He and other church fathers used the Bible and its characters to teach us how to grow closer to God, how to "elevate" the soul to God. He saw the spiritual life as a race in which we, like St. Paul, "forget...what lies behind and strain...forward to what lies ahead" (Phil.3:13).
I don't think I have ever really read anything from someone so very long ago before.

Sherry said...

hiya, yep, you did i was just not paying attention. not surprising.

brain burps are common around here! ; )