Sunday, March 16, 2008

Photos Found!

Regular (or even occasional) readers my know that I sell some of my images at various microstock sites. The plus side is a little bit of extra cash, and the kick of knowing people are actually willing to pay for my images. The down side is that we usually have no idea how our images are used (and we have no control over how they’re used). Yesterday, for the first time, I found a couple of my images in use, which is a very cool feeling!! I did a simple google of my name, looking for images, and found these two articles at Science Daily:

Higher Levels Of Pollutants Found In Fish Caught Near A Coal-fired Power Plant

Diesel Exhaust Associated With Higher Heart Attack, Stroke Risk In Men

Pretty cool, huh??

Of course, what's kinda funny, in an "accuracy in media" kind of way: The first article talks about water pollution from power plants, IN THE PITTSBURGH AREA. The photo they used was taken in Springfield, IL. The second article discusses a study in the United Kingdom on effects of Diesel exhaust. The photo is from just outside Chicago.... Oh well, doesn't bother me one bit!

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